The Albion Circle

a Europa Universalis 4 fiction

This is a transcript of documents found when the fire that destroyed the Birmingham Central Library in January 1879 revealed a safe room hidden in the basement.

At the end of 1444, with the King being so clueless and the York nobles more agitated than ever, some of us most influential scholars decided to form a secret, meritocratic order to safeguard the future and glory of England. We, the “Albion Circle”, will act behind the scenes, subtly guiding the Crown and the Parliament out of their petty, short-sighted schemes to form the greatest Empire the world will ever know!

First, we agreed on a set of rules to help us strive for discipline, efficiency and prestige:

  • Inflation can siphon income very quickly and unbalance the economy at many levels. It has to be kept under 2% no matter what.
  • In similar fashion, loans are to be avoided at all costs. Utmost efforts will be made to maintain a positive balance and a comfortable treasury to be able to deal with any unforeseen expense that may befall us.
  • Our Army and Navy will be our pride and joy, so powerful and ruthless that no one will dare attack us! To ensure that:
    • Maintenance costs won’t ever be subject to budget restrictions.
    • Saving manpower will be a priority. Careful tactics and logistics will prevent meaningless battles and excessive attrition.
    • Idleness won’t be tolerated during peacetime. Troops will be drilled by our best officers and armed fleets will patrol the coasts.
    • No mercenary recruitment will be allowed. Their shameless looting and unbefitting manners won’t be an insult to our professional army.
    • Forts will either be fully maintained and garrisoned or be razed to the ground. In case of capture by the enemy, they can be more of a liability than an asset.
  • Corruption is probably the most dangerous disease in any civilized society. As such, it will be rooted out at all costs if found in our administration. In dire straits, it can be used as a last resort, sparingly and in a controlled manner.

Transcription in progress.