Fool's Errand


The roar is now deafening, punctuated by distant cracks that send tremors through the ice. Beneath me, at the mouth of the crevice, one can actually see the current eating away at the walls. Being out of it is a relief but … what is this place? We don’t have fissures this wide and deep up north. Could we settle here, despite the noise and the risks?

But wait, how come it is empty? Others have wandered in the past. Am I really the first to discover this place? Something’s definitely wrong …

As if on cue, an ominous growl starts prowling from above. Then all hell breaks loose as the crevice opens. The current hits me from below, in a rush so sudden I almost pass out. For what seems like an eternity all I can see is a blur of walls flashing around me, sometimes so close I can touch them. Then I’m … out.

Oh the cold ! At first I can’t seem to see anything, but then … This is amazing ! The ice … is below ! And is curved ! It’s a globe ! I knew it ! And there’s more ! Black empty space is filled with shiny, sparkling dots. And there is this brilliant stripe all around… And finally, to my right … I don’t think anyone can imagine something this big. A huge yellow … bubble of … But I’ve run out of time. I won’t be able to tell anyone. This is what I’ve been yearning for all my life. This is why I just couldn’t sit nice and tight with you. I wish you would see this. I wish you would see me.